2013-14 Spring Election Results 

Richard Francis will be president and Susana Lee the treasure of the DLA for 2013-2014. 

The French Representative(s) position was not filled this election. As this position is still open it will moved to the Fall elections. 

French Representative, First Year Representative, Second Year Representative, Third Year Representative, and Communication chair and blogger, will happen next September after the DLA first general meeting in Fall 2013.

Why participate on the executive of the DLA?

The three most important reasons:

1) to work with a group of students who are passionate about disability rights;

2) to be able to shape the development of a student association at FTX; and

3) the opportunity to meet some interesting lawyers, business professionals, and government personnel who are part of the growing DLA network.

Although you do not need to identify yourself as having a disability to be part of the executive, you must be sensitive to the experiences of students with disabilities in law school and be passionate about disability rights.

Any questions can be sent to disability.law.association@gmail.com