Accessability at Fauteux  


Jessica Simon - The Contact Person for Accommodations, Accessibility, and Equity 

The contact person for accommodations and accessibility in the Faculty of Law is Jessica Simon. She can often help with everything from professors not respecting accommodations granted to creating and implementing a plan for short-term accommodations arising from illnesses, injury, loss of family members, and other situations.  To speak with her make an appointment with Christine Frank. Christine and Jessica's offace is located at Fauteux Hall, room 237C.

Jessica Simon
Chef, Équité et succès scolaire / Manager, Equity and Academic Success
Services à la population étudiante / Student Services
Faculté de droit / Faculty of Law (Common Law)
Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
Tel: (613) 562-5800, ext. 8891
Fax: (613) 562-5875

Alternative Format Books 

If you need alternative format books contact Jessica Simon. If you are eligible for this accommodation, give her your receipt for the text books you need and she will contact the publishers to request the electronic version. Braille versions may be available from other sources. 

Text book Shopping

If you are unable to pick up your law text books from the university student run book stores because you can not see the lists, stand in line. or another equity reason, students can send Jessica Simon a list of their book order along with the grounds for their request and alliterative arrangements can be made.


If you need a locker for disability or equity reasons contact Jessica Simon, there are a selected number of lockers reserved that may be available to you.